The Fed Hits 3,000 Percent Inflation

The US economy was pushed to extremes during the pandemic recession and subsequent recovery. The unemployment rate peaked at 14.7 percent, the highest in the post-World War II period. Inflation reached its highest rate in 40 years, prompting the Fed to raise short-term interest rates to their highest levels since 2007. As of June, the […]

The dollar is now better value, says the Big Mac index

American inflation has left its mark across the country’s economy and the world’s financial markets. It has also reared its head between the Golden Arches. Since 1986 The Economist has tracked the price of a McDonald’s Big Mac around the world as a light-hearted guide to the fair value of currencies. Our index shows that […]

U.S. political polarization means Fitch debt downgrade is here to stay, economist says

Fitch Ratings in New York, United States. Cem Ozdel | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Growing political instability means the U.S. will not regain its AAA rating with Fitch for the foreseeable future, according to Elliot Hentov, head of macro policy research at State Street Global Advisors. Global stock markets fell sharply on Wednesday after […]

WEF Study–‘My Carbon’: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities

‘My Carbon’: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities was released in September 2022, and you were part of the test group. The WEF-funded “research” states cities account for 75% of all carbon emissions. As countless governments abandoned their morality to the Great Reset, cities are on track to reduce emissions by nearly half in […]

Glaeser on Growth, Globalization, and Detroit

What happened to Detroit? What are the policies that incentivize innovation, collaboration, and competition? And why does the government often ignore them? In this 2013 episode of EconTalk, Edward Glaeser joins host Russ Roberts to discuss the path to economic recovery for Detroit, how Detroit’s socio-economic ills apply to other American cities, and why cities […]

The Fitch analyst behind the U.S. downgrade breaks down the decision

The Fitch Ratings logo is seen at their offices at Canary Wharf financial district in London, Britain. Reinhard Krause | Reuters It’s not a growing jobs market, strong U.S. dollar or a resilient economy that will help the U.S. regain the top rating from Fitch. According to the firm, it’s going to take a major […]