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Sitrep on Relocation Plans | naked capitalism

Readers have sometimes been so kind as to ask in comments where I stand on my plans to move abroad, since I had been oversharing about the process of settling the estate and where I would go next. As much as Mountain Brook has a lot to recommend it, suburban life is not for me.

The house here will be open for viewing by buyers starting Friday. A house down the street (similar vintage and size) went to contract in nine days and closed a month after that. My lawyer told me yesterday one of her clients listed a house on a Thursday, had two offers by Sunday, and closed three weeks after that. I am looking for a slightly less fevered pace and think the Memorial Day and July 4 holidays will aid in that.

I am moving to Thailand, which seemed the best fit with my complex criteria. I’m not sure it will help to work through my logic, since I doubt my needs and how I ranked them will align with anyone else’s list. Having said that, other countries that look promising for expats include Costa Rica, Portugal, Mexico, Uruguay, and Cyprus. Malaysia also scored high but a radical change in visa rules put paid to that idea.

As much as I am keen about my upcoming big relocation, please to not engage in casual discussion of Thailand in comments. While I appreciate the interest, it’s actually a negative as a topic of conversation. Thailand has strict defamation laws, where truth is not a defense, so something as routine here as a negative review on a travel site can put you in the crosshairs of litigation. And if you look at the history of the site, Thailand almost entirely sits outside our core beats.

So wish me luck on my takeoff!

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Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime

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