Links 11/6/2023 | naked capitalism

What is quantum entanglement? Part 7: What does it all mean? Skulls in the Stars. Lucid and readable. Recovery: Saving American Burying Beetles, Nature’s Undertakers Cool Green Science A 5-step guide to processing ambiguous news in the markets and the economy Sam Ro, TKer Climate How Midwest Landowners Helped to Derail One of the Biggest […]

Links 11/1/2023 | naked capitalism

Rabbit With ‘No Sense of Personal Space’ Follows Cat Everywhere, Goes Viral Newsweek Rabbit Haemorrhagic Virus is spreading like Ebola IOL Recovery: Saving American Burying Beetles, Nature’s Undertakers The Nature Conservancy State Driver’s License Laws Could Lead to Underdiagnosis of Dementia, According to New Research TIME FDA warns consumers not to purchase or use certain […]

Links 10/18/2023 | naked capitalism

Watch Two Men Pull a Drowning Red Deer Out Of a Well in Mexico Field & Stream Crocodile sex frenzy triggered by Chinook helicopters and thunder in central Queensland ABC Australia How to finance a faster shift to a better world Martin Wolf, FT What’s Rite Aid Doing in Trenton? Credit Slips Climate El Nino […]

Links 9/30/2023 | naked capitalism

Octopus Intelligence Is Unlike Anything We Know Mind Matters (David L) Purr-fectly unexpected: Cat-astrophe as nail tech invades cat café Thaiger (furzy) Kelping is a ‘global phenomenon’ sweeping the world of humpback whales, scientists say Live Science (David L) Sea Lion Escapes From Central Park Zoo Enclosure During Flooding New York Times (David L). On […]

Links 9/9/2023 | naked capitalism

Manure in the Netherlands– We’ve touched on this story in the Links and comment threads several times over the past year or so, but this article is the most thorough, dare I say balanced, that I have read. It’s a story of how farming became an industry, and how farmers, seeking to meet the demands […]

Links 8/21/2023 | naked capitalism

Mapping Arctic Foxes’ Spectacular Solo Journeys Scientific American Using home lampshades to turn pollutants into purified air Interesting Engineering Climate/Environment 5.1-magnitude earthquake shakes southern California while Tropical Storm Hilary threatens millions with flooding NY Post Alpha dog of extractivism pushes status quo Canadian Dimension A community transformed from mining town to resort destination. It doesn’t […]

Links 8/18/2023 | naked capitalism

Underwater molecular barter (press release) NewsWise. “‘Eat or be eaten’ is not always the way things are in nature.” Iowa skipper butterfly ‘canary in coal mine’: A warning sign of prairie loss consequences for farmers, wildlife alike Investigate Midwest Venture capital funds are mostly just wasting their time and your money FT Alphaville. The deck: […]

Links 8/12/2023 | naked capitalism

Mars Rover Finds Signs of Seasonal Floods ars technica Extreme glacial cooling likely led to hominin depopulation of Europe in the Early Pleistocene Science Bird flu researchers turn to Finland’s mink farms, tracking a virus with pandemic potential STAT (Dr. Kevin) Liberalism against capitalism aeon #COVID-19 Please see our post on the FDA’s optical footwork […]

Links 6/29/2023 | naked capitalism

15 Years of Radio Data Reveals Evidence of Space-Time Murmur (press release) NASA. “The motion of black holes and other massive objects through space can create ripples in the fabric of the universe, called gravitational waves. On June 28 scientists announced the first evidence of a background of long-wavelength gravitational waves that fills the cosmos.” […]

Links 6/16/2023 | naked capitalism

Five planets will be lined up in space Saturday. How to see the ‘planetary alignment’ USA Today Catfish Noodling 101: A Beginner’s Guide Field and Stream High Inflation is Officially Behind Us Richard Vague, Democracy Larry Summers Was Wrong About Inflation Eric Levitz, New York Magazine Joachim Nagel: Ensuring the supply of cash – including […]