Does China face a lost decade?

“Ever since the Chinese housing bubble burst,” said Richard Koo of the Nomura Research Institute in a recent talk, “I’ve been getting tonnes of calls from Chinese journalists, economists, investors and sometimes policymakers asking me, ‘Are we going the way of Japan?’” Mr Koo is a good person to ask: he has devoted his career […]

Twitter’s Lost Weekend (“Something Went Wrong”)

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. We had a lively weekend on the Twitter, driven by the decisions and actions of the world’s richest human as measured in dollars, Elon Musk, squillionaire; necessarily so, since Musk is the platform’s sole owner, and committed to a “hands-on” management style. Since Musk’s decision-making process is completely opaque, I […]

Why Do We Rescue When All Hope Is Lost?

The saga of the lost OceanGate Titan submarine dominated media attention for a week in mid-June. With only five days of breathable air aboard, the world held its breath wondering if the wealthy Titanic adventurers would be saved in time. We have since learned that the underwater vehicle lost contact with its surface craft and […]