Today’s Onerous is Yesterday’s Luxury

In September 1620, my ancestors departed from Plymouth, England on the Mayflower to establish a new home in the New World, some 3,300 miles away. They would ultimately land in November at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts and immediately faced a harsh winter. About 400 years later, I also undertook a long journey to begin […]

What luxury stocks say about the new cold war

Is it in Europe’s interests to follow America into a conflict over Taiwan? The suggestion by Emmanuel Macron, president of France, that perhaps it is not provoked anger on both sides of the Atlantic. But many French business leaders will quietly agree with Mr Macron’s intention: to defuse tensions between China and the West. After […]

Holidays of Luxury | AIER

If news of inflation and recession has you feeling a bit Grinchy, some historical perspective might put some joy back into the season. Our current economic woes are significant, and might worsen before they improve. Still, the season of gratitude and giving is a great time to celebrate the abundance around us.  This year, Americans […]