This Week in Long Covid: Nature Fires Salvo of Four Major Papers

By Lambert Strether of Corrente Science is popping! Nature’s editors[1] and reviewers must have had quite at time doing all these papers more or less at once. And it’s certainly encouraging to see Long Covid[2] getting major play. In this simple post, I’ll present the most salient features of each of the four studies (and […]

Brits are facing a major mortgage crisis as lending rates soar

Houses pictured on 8th June 2023 in Halifax, United Kingdom. U.K. borrowers are facing sharply higher mortgage costs. Mike Kemp | In Pictures | Getty Images LONDON — U.K. borrowers are facing a cliff edge that could damage the economy as rising mortgage costs hit deal renewals and the number of products available shrinks, experts […]

Scrutiny of major crypto institutions is intensifying

The crypto crowd is hardly known for understating its own importance. Its members dubbed the implosion of ftx, the crypto exchange which collapsed spectacularly in November, the industry’s “Lehman Brothers moment”, a nod to the enormous ramifications of the fall of the investment bank. Now they say the industry is going through its “Dodd-Frank moment”, […]