Market Talk – November 14, 2023

ASIA:   In October, China experienced a slowdown in consumption rebound and a loss of momentum in private business confidence, as indicated by independent surveys and alternative data. Measures such as an indicator of consumer demand for recreation and transport, a survey of consumer sentiment, and a poll of private business sentiment all showed declines […]

Market Talk – November 10, 2023

ASIA:   Prices are declining again in China, raising concerns about the possibility of deflation as households and businesses remain cautious about spending. State-controlled banks are injecting money into the construction of more factories, but the drop in prices may lead to a situation where companies and workers receive less money for their goods or […]

Market Talk – November 3, 2023

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had green day today: NIKKEI 225 closed Shanghai increased 21.39 points or 0.71% to 3,030.80 Hang Seng increased 433.53 points or 2.52% to 17,664.12 ASX 200 increased 78.50 points or 1.14% to 6,978.20 Kospi increased 25.22 points or 1.08% to 2,368.34 SENSEX increased 282.88 points or 0.44% to […]

Israel-Hamas war poses risk of global market contagion, economist says

Mohamed Aly El-Erian, chief economic advisor for Allianz SE, during a Bloomberg Television interview in London, UK, on Monday, Sept. 25, 2023. El-Erian spoke alongside former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and economist Michael Spence, his co-authors for their book Permacrisis: A Plan to Fix a Fractured World. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images Bloomberg | Bloomberg […]

Market Talk – October 31, 2023

  ASIA:   China’s economy faces instability post-lockdown, with slowed trade and a substantial $9 trillion debt burden. Additionally, there’s a concerning issue with employing young college graduates, as the youth unemployment rate for ages 16 to 24 reached a record 21% in May 2023, compared to the US rate of 7.4% in the same […]

Market Talk – October 26, 2023

ASIA:   China kept its benchmark lending rates unchanged in line with market expectations during the monthly fixing. The one-year loan prime rate (LPR) remained at 3.45%, and the five-year LPR was steady at 4.20%. This decision was influenced by economic data indicating a stabilizing economy and a weaker yuan, limiting the need for further […]

Market Talk – October 17, 2023

ASIA:   In September, China’s consumer prices remained unchanged, despite signs of an economic recovery. This stagnation indicates ongoing deflationary pressures and weak domestic demand. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) didn’t increase from the previous year, in contrast to a 0.1% rise in August. This was lower than the 0.2% increase estimated by economists. In […]

Market Talk – October 13, 2023

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a negative day today: NIKKEI 225 decreased 178.67 points or -0.55% to 32,315.99 Shanghai decreased 19.80 points or -0.64% to 3,088.10 Hang Seng decreased 424.76 points or -2.33% to 17,813.45 ASX 200 decreased 40.00 points or -0.56% to 7,051.00 Kospi decreased 23.67 points or -0.95% to 2,456.15 […]

Market Talk – October 12, 2023

ASIA:   India’s youth population has been a source of economic optimism, but declining fertility rates are leading to a rapid aging of the population. According to a recent United Nations report, India’s elderly population (over 60 years old) is expected to grow by 41% between 2021 and 2031, and they will outnumber children under […]