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The 1619 Project on Hulu Vindicates Capitalism

Photo by: Patti Perret/Hulu

Hulu’s series “The 1619 Project” blames economic inequality between blacks and whites on “racial capitalism.” But almost every example presented is the result of government policies that, in purpose or effect, discriminated against African-Americans. “The 1619 Project” makes an unintentional case for capitalism.

The series gives many examples of government interventions that undercut free markets and property rights. Eminent domain, racial red lining of mortgages, and government support and enforcement of union monopolies figure prominently.

These are the opening two paragraphs of David R. Henderson and Phillip W. Magness, “The 1619 Project on Hulu Vindicates Capitalism,” Wall Street Journal, February 20, 2023. (February 21 print edition.)

Read the whole thing if you’re subscriber. I will post the whole thing in 30 days.

Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime Editor