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WOKE = Unconstitutional

ANY company engaging in WOKE should be brought to court for what they are doing is patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL and lawyers should start to wake up and bring class action lawsuits against Target, Budweiser, and  North Face as well as every other company engaged in this activity of promoting transgenderism. This movement has rendered college degrees irrelevant. If you check a box, no qualification or experience is required. Blackrock and Vanguard have overstepped their position and being fund managers does NOT give them the right to destroy American culture. Perhaps this backlash will engulf them if people withdraw their funds from them to reduce their abuse of power.



This claim that WOKE is somehow establishing EQUALITY is total nonsense. Gays are now being discriminated against as part of this propaganda movement behind Transgenderism. When companies make targeted racial composition goals for their employees, they have to engage in discrimination to achieve those goals. That is discrimination to not hire a white person who is more qualified because like the White House which wants a black girl – not even a black man as its spokesperson to appear WOKE.


Hiring people based on race and gender is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is outright discrimination and whatever job is open should go to the most qualified – not to check some box of this discriminatory and unethical Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Here you have a pretend organization claiming it stands for human rights advocating abortion and ignoring any human rights of the unborn. They are a front for propaganda that is to actually divide the nation and deliberately target religious issues such as abortion and seek to give low “grades” to Christian beliefs.

The worst kept secret in corporate HR departments across the country is this thinking that they MUST deny employment based on qualification and instead check boxes to satisfy this unethical organization masquerading as human rights. If we are really talking about EQUALITY, then the most qualified person should get the job. In our company, we have every race, creed, and nationality from Asia to Europe. We hire based on qualification – not race or religion.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) should be brought to court for they are denying qualified people employment. They are claiming to be about Human Rights when they are openly engaging in the violation of our Civil Rights. Any company with an HR department engaged in checking boxes should be hauled into court on a class action for unconstitutional civil rights violations. This is the ONLY way to stop this agenda from pretending to be about equality when it is really about discrimination.

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Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime Editor