What Accounts for All This Stuff?

Attacks on the market order are today being issued unabated, and with almost as much gusto from the political right as from the left. Fortunately, the wisdom and insight in classic works such as Adam Smith’s Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Wilhelm von Humboldt’s Limits of State Action, Joseph […]

Burning the Koran – Econlib

The row between the government of Sweden and that of Turkey over the burning of a Koran by demonstrators in Stockholm brings us back to fundamental problems of politics, on which the economic method of analysis has thrown much light. The Financial Times reports (“Sweden’s Nato Application Imperilled After Koran Burnt Outside Turkish Embassy,” January […]

Have economists misunderstood inflation? | The Economist

Imagine it is late 2024. Inflation in the rich world has fallen from its peak but stayed stubbornly high. At around 4%, it is well above the level at which most central banks are comfortable. Governments, weighed down by vast debts, must use precious revenues to pay interest on the debt, which itself is growing […]

Christians fight about how to serve God and mammon

Is it possible to manage money successfully and be a virtuous Christian? For 2,000-odd years, followers of the world’s largest religion have debated the issue. Recently the debate has become fractious. The management of Christian money, once farmed out to professionals, is now a moral minefield, the negotiation of which has effects in the here-and-now, […]

What inflation means for the Big Mac index

For much of the past two years, economists have argued fiercely about prices. As inflation in America and elsewhere has exceeded central-bank targets, analysts have dissected different components of the cost of living, including the prices of goods, services, energy and rents. But what about the Big Mac? The iconic McDonald’s burger is an amalgam […]

When professional stockpickers beat the algorithms

Last year’s plunging markets left few investors smiling. Stocks and bonds fell in tandem; haven assets failed to offer safe harbour. Doing well meant making single-figure percentage losses rather than double. It might, therefore, seem an odd time for fund managers to be walking with a spring in their step. Listen to this story.Enjoy more […]

FirstFT: US and Germany send tanks to Ukraine

Good morning. This article is an on-site version of our FirstFT newsletter. Sign up to our Asia, Europe/Africa or Americas edition to get it sent straight to your inbox every weekday morning The US and Germany will send main battle tanks to Kyiv, a significant increase of western military aid that was condemned by Russia […]

The Latest Anti-Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine Science

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. As readers know, I stan for Covid nasal sprays, whether as prophylactics or vaccines (see here and here, plus many mentions in Links and Water Cooler). So I figured it was time for another look, because “science is popping.” I should say right away that the headline is a bit […]

Top CI CD Tools: 100+ The Ultimate List

The diagram below represents a typical workflow when managing infrastructure using Terraform. Developers develop the infrastructure using HCL on their local machine in files with extension .tf. The versions of these files are managed in remote git repositories. It is one of the best CI/CD tools since it offers various features like code reviews, CI/CD, […]