Why more Chinese tourism means more capital flight

A railway tour of Laos, a trip to the far corner of Russia to see the Northern Lights, or a polar cruise in the Arctic. These are some of the adventurous options being marketed in China as the country reopens. The urge to travel seems strong: Ctrip, a travel agent, has reported a quadrupling of […]

The case for globalisation optimism

“We are suffering just now from a bad attack of economic pessimism,” wrote John Maynard Keynes in 1930, in the midst of a disintegrating global economy. He went on to describe the much better future the world could expect if it ever got its act together. Things are not so bleak today, but it is […]

Scrutiny of major crypto institutions is intensifying

The crypto crowd is hardly known for understating its own importance. Its members dubbed the implosion of ftx, the crypto exchange which collapsed spectacularly in November, the industry’s “Lehman Brothers moment”, a nod to the enormous ramifications of the fall of the investment bank. Now they say the industry is going through its “Dodd-Frank moment”, […]

Iran And Russia Strengthen Military Ties With New Weapons Deals

Yves here. Perhaps informed readers will deem otherwise, but the article posted below struck me as an an evenhanded account, by Western standards, of a step forward in the relationship between Iran and Russia. Iran is reported to be en route to buying Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets. The article points out that the collapse […]

Sanctions on Russian oil are having the ‘intended effect,’ IEA says

Russia announced that it would cut oil production by 500,000 barrels per day in March after the West slapped price caps on Russian oil and oil products. Picture Alliance | Picture Alliance | Getty Images Bans and price caps targeting Russian oil are having the “intended effect” despite surprisingly resilient production and exports in recent […]

Content Can you play 1×2 Gaming slots on a mobile device?

Content Can you play 1×2 Gaming slots on a mobile device? Legal Aspects and Fairness of Anubis Plinko Casino Game Do free games work the same as in real-money games? 2 Gaming Potential They even have a slick table game variant called Sic Bo 888, which uses dice with 8-faces to give players extra chances […]

Bank of Japan gets ‘ideas man’ to chart tricky path from negative rates

In his final appearance at the Bank of Japan in April 2005, Kazuo Ueda said he considered himself lucky to have been a board member at “an extraordinarily difficult time”, as the economy battled a financial crisis and persistent deflation. Now about to return almost two decades later, Ueda faces an equally daunting but different […]

Market Talk – February 15, 2023

ASIA:   Chinese provinces spent more than £42.8bn on tackling Covid-19 in 2022, according to data released by local governments, with the figure expected to rise as the huge cost of the pandemic hits the world’s second-largest economy. Although national statistics are not yet available, at least 20 of China’s 31 provinces have published figures […]

Retail sales jump 3% in January, smashing expectations despite inflation increase

Sales at retailers rose far more than expected in January as consumers persevered despite rising inflation pressures. Advance retail sales for the month increased 3%, compared with expectations for a rise of 1.9%, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. Excluding autos, sales rose 2.3%, according to the report, which is not adjusted for inflation. The ex-autos […]