Saudi- U.S. Relations Sour Further On Huge OPEC+ Surprise Cut

Yves here. This is a useful and compact recap of why and how quickly the Saudis have cooled on the US and why the US is no longer in a position to do much about it. You might consider circulating it to friends and family who are not up to speed on this development. Watkins […]

FirstFT: Poorest countries face highest foreign debt bills since 1998

Good morning. This article is an on-site version of our FirstFT newsletter. Sign up to our Asia, Europe/Africa or Americas edition to get it sent straight to your inbox every weekday morning The world’s poorest countries face their biggest bills for servicing foreign debts in 25 years, putting spending on health and education at risk. […]

What’s To Blame for the Banking Crisis?

In the past month, we’ve seen some of the largest bank failures since the Great Financial Crisis, with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) leading the way, followed by Signature Bank and Credit Suisse. While averting financial meltdown should be the top priority, there is no better time to discuss what caused the crisis in the first […]

When the Body Bags Start Coming Home

The Neocons are on both sides of the aisle. In the Republican camp, of course, we have Lindsy Graham, but there is also Marco Rubio who has the audacity to tell Europe they better pick sides. Then there is Michael McCaul of Texas. Based on reliable sources, the military has been instructed to prepare for […]

Outlook for credit access hits record low, inflation expectations jump

A customer shops for eggs at a H-E-B grocery store on February 08, 2023 in Austin, Texas. Wholesale egg prices have begun declining more than 50% since December record highs according to Urner Barry data. Brandon Bell | Getty Images News | Getty Images Consumers are getting more pessimistic about inflation and their access to […]