What Does the Relative Performance of Equal Weight S&P500 Mean?

    In the never-ending battle of market narratives, new ideas get introduced and old ideas are resurrected as necessary. One of the most persistent criticisms of US equities has been how narrow the gains have been, driven primarily by mega-cap tech stocks. You probably know variations of this argument as “FAANMG!” There is some […]

The banking crisis is having a slow-burn impact on the economy

People walk by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on February 14, 2023 in New York City. Spencer Platt | Getty Images A banking crisis that erupted less than two months ago now appears to be less a major broadside to the U.S. economy than a slow bleed that will seep its way through and […]

KLG: When Science Becomes Embroiled in Conflict

By KLG, who has held research and academic positions in three US medical schools since 1995 and is currently Professor of Biochemistry and Associate Dean. He has performed and directed research on protein structure, function, and evolution; cell adhesion and motility; the mechanism of viral fusion proteins; and assembly of the vertebrate heart. He has […]

Biden 2024 – “Let’s Finish the Job” of Ruining America

The worst president in American history is running for re-election under the premise of taking away our remaining freedoms. The media is already stating that the Democrats will not allow any serious challengers. Marianne Williamson, who lost to Biden in 2020, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. both announced that they plan to run, but their […]

Welcome to a new, humbler private-equity industry

During the past decade it sometimes seemed as if anyone could be a private-equity investor. Rising valuations for portfolio companies, and cheap financing with which to buy them, boosted returns and reeled in cash at an astonishing clip. Improving the efficiency of a portfolio firm, by contrast, contributed rather less to the industry’s returns. As […]

Receiving Insight Coming from Enterprise Info With Spreadsheets and Info Analysis Software

Getting Understanding from Business Data The current businesses and agencies are faced with a lot of issues and problems that require data analysis to become performed. Consequently, they are employing different kinds of tools for this purpose. Most notable, the most well-liked ones are spreadsheets and data evaluation software. Spreadsheets: One of the oldest forms […]

Info Room Service Providers

Data place service providers give a secure, https://testvdr.com/top-5-virtual-data-room-service-providers/ cloud-based system for the storage of confidential organization documents. These types of services are being used by investment banks, properties companies, privately owned value firms, administration contractors, biotech and pharmaceutical drug industries, plus more. Security & Privacy A very good virtual info room has to be highly […]