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Britain To Imprison People For Not Complying with Net Zero


It is time we understand that the climate change agenda and COVID have been adopted for a single reason. The governments can no longer kick the can down the road regarding debt. The current monetary system is unsustainable. As a result, they will default on their national debts, which will wipe out pensions. These measures are to use their power under the pretense of some bogus issue to justify tyrannical suppression. They refuse to reform, so as a result – they will dig their heels in and sweep all our rights away for our good to protect our health and save the planet of which it is a race to see which one they care the less about since they are both fake.

The British legislation will be snuck into US law and will empower the government to imprison anyone who fails to adhere to energy consumption regulations for up to a year and fines of up to £15,000. The state’s prosecutions will also be allowed to charge you with false information, lying to the government, etc., which will be the more traditional obstruction of justice crimes that can imprison you for five years or more.

This type of tyranny will lead to the revolutions our computer is projecting by the time we get to 2032. They will take away everything to retain power. The new people elected to office are never allowed behind the curtain. They are told they MUST vote along party lines, or the party will go against them. The former head of the Republicans, Boehner, did that to the Tea Party people. The Democrats launched IRS investigations against the Tea Party because they thought getting elected to Congress meant they could change things. There is no path to such reform.



Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime

Rayna Prime Editor