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Links 6/6/2023 | naked capitalism

Launching Links with somewhat short rations. Please review again at 7:30 AM for a full dose.

Bear Conflicts are Expected to Increase in June iBerkshires (resilc). You’ve been warned!

One-third of galaxy’s most common planets could be in habitable zone University of Florida (resilc)

Was He Apollo’s Son? Plato of Athens: A Life in Philosophy Literary Review (Anthony L)


Kevin W on the tweet below: “My take is that a narrative is being built to make all future lockdowns illegal because it makes the economy sad.”


US Supreme Court Rejects Big Oil Challenge to Offshore Fracking Ban in California Common Dreams. Mirabile dictu.


DEA: Chinese organized crime laundering money for Mexican drug cartels NBC (furzy)

European Disunion

Using Angola’s power glut for Germany’s energy transition DW. Resilc: “In effect, mining Africa yet again.”

La belle France

France faces 14th day of nationwide protests to derail pension reform France24

Old Blighty


Guatemala’s presidential hopefuls channel heavy-handed tactics of El Salvador’s leader Associated Press (resilc)

New Not-So-Cold War

We have a post on the Kakhovka dam destruction but some additional tidbits and initial commentary below

Don’t Forget WaPo’s Report From December About Kiev’s Plans To Blow Up The Kakhovka Dam
Andrew Korybko.

NATO chief calls destruction of dam in southern Ukraine ‘outrageous’ Anadolu Agency

Ukraine war: What we know about Kakhovka dam attack BBC

An Unwinnable War Foreign Affairs. Important. I had wanted to take this apart but the events of the day intervened. Foreign Affairs is THE heavyweight American foreign policy journal, so rest assured that whatever it says has a big following or is emerging conventional wisdom.

Ukraine war: Kyiv says troops advance on eastern front BBC

Corteva Agriscience And USAID Announce Collaboration to Support Ukrainian Farmers PRNewswire. Resilc:

When I started with USAID in ’79 it was about rural poor. I set up small scale credit in Indonesia programs. 12$ loans. Then Reagan started the let’s all support of US corps and political aspects and it has snowballed ever since…….. USA USA


Imran Khan: U.S. was manipulated by Pakistan military into backing overthrow Intercept (resilc)

Make ISIS Iran’s Problem American Conservative (resilc)

Saudi Arabia to cut oil output by 1 million barrels a day in July Al Jazeera (Kevin W)

Saudi Arabia Executes Two Shia Bahrainis on Terrorism Charges in “Grossly Unfair” Trial Juan Cole

Inside the Taliban’s war on drugs – opium poppy crops slashed BBC. Resilc: “Synthetics will kill it anyway.”

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Demon in America’s Sacred Narrative Michael Vlahos (Chuck L)

Did Shangri-La give birth to a new Quad? Asia Times (Kevin W)

Five things the debt-ceiling deal suggests about the future Robert Reich Guardian (resilc)

Washington’s self-defeating foreign policy Asia Times


Trump’s Challengers Are Making the Same Mistakes All Over Again New Republic (resilc)

Mike Pence’s presidential candidacy is doomed but he continues anyway Washington Pos. Um, let us not forget the GOP competition includes John Bolton.

Cornel West announces he’s running for president Politico (Kevin C)


The Complicated Reality of Joe Biden, America’s Oldest President New York Times

Trump and Obama’s former doctor: Biden ‘not fit mentally or physically to be president Daily Mail (Li)


Trump smoking gun tape gives Jack Smith all he needs Washington Post (furzy)

GOP Clown Car

Stewart Rhodes Says He’s a Political Prisoner. Are Republicans Listening? Intercept (resilc)

Oath Keepers Are Going to Prison, But They’re Not Going Away Vice (resilc)

Democrats en déshabille

Newsom slams DeSantis over migrant drop-off: ‘You small, pathetic man’ ABC7. Kevin W: “Kidnapping charges? Calling the ICC.” Moi: Namecalling is not the first line of defense for those in a strong position.

Woke Watch

The backlash: how slavery research came under fire Guardian (Kevin W)

Our No Longer Free Press

The demise of CNN Robert Reich (furzy)


Georgia College Students can Continue to Bring Handguns to Class, even Concealed: State Supreme Court Juan Cole


AI-generated content should be labelled, EU commissioner says Al Jazeera

The Bezzle

Elon Musk Apologizes for Tesla’s Annoying Automatic Wipers, Still No Hope for Owners autoevolution (resilc)

Class Warfare

Zeitgeist 2023 Heisenberg Report (resilc)

America’s quit boom is over Axios (resilc)

Idle rich baffled by poor people’s distaste for dangerous, low-paying jobs Boing Boing

What the debt ceiling debate missed Financial Times. Important (and is your friend)

America This Week: “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” Racket News (Chuck L)

Antidote du jour (furzy):

And a bonus (guurst):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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