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The United Nations Wants to Normalize Pedophilia

The most disturbing aspect of our “new norm” is this push to indoctrinate impressionable children to accept the woke agenda. I did not want to write about this subject because it makes my blood boil. But you need to know. This is starting at the United Nations, the global agency that is working toward creating a doomed one-world government. Reports began circulating from the UN in March about legalizing pedophilia.

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists wrote on March 8, 2022. The United Nations believes minors can consent to sex with adults and wants others to accept this as fact. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! They even want to rebrand pedophiles as “MAPS” or “minor attracted persons” and label them as a protected class. I think they should be called the scum of the Earth.

Normalizing pedophilia is happening on an international level. This is part of the Great Reset. They are slowly implementing the idea that adults have the right to sexually assault children as they demonize all morals and values that once existed. There is no room for God in the Build Back Better agenda with branches that spread far. There is no room for parents either as children are molded by the leftist schools they attend as mom and dad work their lives away to get by with the new norm for the cost of living. The woke agenda is working to normalize this concept by introducing children to drag queens during school hours and telling them that they can choose their gender before they even know their ABCs.

Popular retailer Target, working to maintain that CEI score, put out a ton of LGBTQ+ attire in the children’s section. Target is now selling “chest binders” and “packing underwear” for CHILDREN. They sell shirts that say “trans rights are human rights” in toddler sizes. Toddlers can’t even use the restroom alone, but they can be an advocate for transexuals? Children cannot drive to the store and purchase the clothing themselves. Their brainwashed attention-seeking parents are indoctrinating them to accept a warped reality not supported by biology. As DeSantis said in a recent speech, pronouns were not an issue “until about two weeks ago” when teachers began demanding that kindergarteners choose their pronouns.

@clarksonlawson Here is a prime example of how #lgbt people are being manipulated into thinking we are being oppressed. This is disgusting. #conservative #republican #gayrepublican #lgbt #gay #gayconservatives ♬ original sound – Clarkson

The video above discusses the books that parents want to be banned from school. “BOOK BANS? BUT HITLER!” the liberals scream. No. I think even Hitler would be disgusted by this demonic ideology. These books depict graphic pornography and are inappropriate for children. Even the man who made the video said the terms were something he did not need to know as an adult. He and others in the gay community are appalled that people want to bring children into the LGBTQ+ ever-growing arena. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE.

We the people outnumber the ruling elite. They have to pit us against one another and divide us based on gender, sexual orientation, politics, and wealth so that we do not seek out those truly oppressing the people. “Gender-affirming care” includes childhood castration and sterilization. They say it is a conspiracy, but the writing is on the wall. THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN; we must protect them at all costs.

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